An INTP reading between the lines of the human narrative


Michael Orr

After publishing my first novel (Soulstice: Adventus), I heard that authors are supposed to have blogs. Since I never do anything the way other people do them, I figured I’d skip the whole idea — because there’s just gotta be a superabundance of blogs in the world. But it’s been made clear to me that I have a decidedly non-mainstream view of life that people might like (or not). With that in mind, I’ve begun this ‘zine of an overactive mind’ to present the many varied and eclectic things about which I have something to say.

As for myself, I’m just that guy who writes the SOULSTICE SAGA (which one can learn about and ponder to excess at arulu.com).

Apart from my website, I can be found at Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads and Facebook. Why not gimme a shout?